PBCS Success Story-Oil and Gas Client


A consulting company referred us to an oil and gas client. They acquired this client when they hired a previously independent consultant. The client profile is outside of the consulting company’s support services and the client was looking for help. We came to their rescue not only providing PBCS support, but also advising and making enhancements along the way. The client has a custom consolidation application running on Oracle PBCS.


Take over the support for an existing implementation. Fortunately, there was sufficient documentation from the prior consultant to get up to speed without much reverse engineering. We were up and running as their PBCS support provider within days.

On the client side, they had one internal resource who helped the FP&A team with basic PBCS support items. The client was going through a merger along with changing the ERP for some divisions.

Roughly six months into our support services, the internal resource who helped the FP&A team left for another position within the company. COVID and oil prices plunging at the same time in 2020 compounded the challenges, devastating the oil and gas industry. The client decided not to backfill his position and use us to fill the gap instead.


We offer customized support services to all our customers with quick turn around times. This client is greatly appreciative we were able to fit their needs how they wanted. Never before have they experienced great service like this.

This client also required advisory and enhancement services along the way which we are happy to provide. We worked through how to do things for merger activities and reporting as well as general enhancements to make the application more user friendly.

With the merger now complete, they are winding down the application and our original mission is accomplished. We look forward to serving them in future endeavors.

One More Thing:

The client requested we interview a candidate and provide feedback. In our opinion, this is one of the best forms of compliments we can receive– understanding the client so much so they trust us helping to build their company!


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