Hyperion ASO Success Story-Telecom Client-Project 1


An existing customer referred us to a privately owned telecom company. They were exploring options to replace their current vendor and found a trusted partner in us to build an Essbase ASO cube with drill-through capability.


Develop an application to analyze financial data and drill into more granular detail.


Build an Essbase ASO cube with Drillbridge drill-through capability to more detailed records in a relational table.

Essbase ASO and Drillbridge


We assisted in defining business requirements as part of the project. Developing prototypes with representative data helped accelerate the process. For the first time, the client experienced prototyping while in the defining requirements stage. They are very thankful to have experienced something uniquely different.

Oracle EBS is the book of record for the data we are loading into the cube. The client has data integration polices which transform the data many times in many steps and store a copy of the data in their big data ecosystem. Eventually, the data arrives at a relational table that we load the cube with and drill back to. Data sourcing and transformation were outside our SOW. However, we decided to help move things along by providing experience shares. The customer’s data team started looking for guidance on some aspects of the data flow – we are happy to help!

We dug in and rapidly developed many prototypes. Design approval followed, so did a successful UAT and go-live.

One More Thing:

On the second day of the project, Coronavirus shut down the client’s offices. EPM&BI successfully delivers remote projects, so we helped the client become comfortable with remote delivery of their project (previously they preferred in-person implementation teams). The project was challenging with many delays due to data sourcing and other items out of scope/control (including a pandemic!). We rallied together as a team, including making working arrangement changes, as well as continuous incremental progress to deliver a successful project.

We were able to successfully deliver the project on-budget and earn another raving, referenceable client!


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