Our engagement began with a longstanding customer, well-versed in our capabilities and trusting us to steer them through a substantial business and technology transformation. The initial task was to implement OneStream to replace their existing Hyperion system for consolidations, planning, and reporting. The strength of our relationship, built over years, laid the foundation for this journey.


The customer had been dealing with an array of disjointed Hyperion applications, which were not only inflexible but also required significant overhead to integrate and reconcile. Data movement between these applications had become exhausting. Their longstanding systems and a home-grown data hub made it difficult to craft unique solutions to their unique business problems.


Our team rose to the challenge as a trusted partner, working with the customer through every phase of the transformation. Our goal was not just to implement a solution, but to ensure that the customer learned and grew through the process. We worked diligently to bridge the gap between various business partners and external stakeholders.


We started by understanding the client’s vision for the future, following which we developed prototypes in OneStream. Once these prototypes passed rigorous testing, we moved to the next step, providing comprehensive training to the administrators and users and finally go-live.

Our commitment to going above and beyond was highlighted as we successfully brought all divisions on the same page, promoting a unified and collaborative environment.

One More Thing:

The success of this project not only reinforced the client’s trust in us but also led to further referrals within other divisions of the company and to other firms. This success story stands as a testament to our commitment to forging client relationships, guiding them through significant transformations, and ensuring their long-term success.

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