Our relationship with this client began as a repeat engagement. Having developed a strong rapport over previous projects, they entrusted us with an issue that was impacting the efficiency of their OneStream platform – a challenge we eagerly accepted as we have a need for speed!


The client was dealing with sluggish planning consolidations on their OneStream application. Given their iterative planning process with multiple simultaneous users, these slowdowns created a domino effect, impacting the entire platform’s performance. They sought assistance from the original implementation partner, however, a fresh perspective was needed, and we were their choice for a second opinion.


Our solution was a systematic, results-driven approach. We undertook a comprehensive performance diagnostics and tuning process for the OneStream application, pinpointing areas where speed could be optimized. Utilizing this insight, we formulated customized recommendations to enhance their OneStream application’s performance.


We worked with the other implementation partner and client to implement the recommendations. Rigorous testing and careful analysis were integral parts of our process, ensuring that each recommendation was effective, accurate, and yielded potential performance gains. Once we were confident in the effectiveness, the changes were migrated into the production environment. The journey was seamless, with no setbacks to report. The process, from start to finish, was carried out within a few weeks, providing a rapid solution to a long-standing issue.

One More Thing:

The result? A phenomenal 75% increase in planning consolidation performance! We were able to effectively resolve the bottleneck issue that had been hampering the client’s operations. The client’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with a renewed excitement for the lasting improvements we brought to their platform’s performance.

This successful engagement not only strengthened our professional relationship with the client but also led to referrals to other companies. Our commitment to our clients’ success continues to be the driving force behind every engagement.

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